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Old 02-01-2011, 05:39 PM
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Originally Posted by om3n View Post
It almost sounds like a micro management system similar to what you see in sega's total war series. But i suppose one of the big questions would be: how does this affect current movement systems? Is there a grouping feature? How are units controlled? single/unit based or just unit based? If its done right it can be implemented without affecting the current movement system and allow for custom formations that you could possible have pre-set to the battle and allow on the fly formation changes to accommodate current battle situations. I could be wrong in how in interpreted this, if so im sorry and will try to look at it from a different perspective.
The medieval series you first had to click and drag them on the floor and you couldn't really pick which unit would stand where.. the computer pick where the melee was and the skimirishers and archers.

Actually it was really a basic idea.
It could turn into anything if you think about all the options how to implent this.
For example if you click "def1" it will pick the units you need and then you would press the floor.They would walk/run there and assume the position. And it will remember the units which was picked so your other units that are not in tactical formation will be used unless 1 of your battalions is wiped.

if you wish you can still click all the units and just attack like a barbarian without tactics.. but this will be very usefull for starting battles to collect your line or when you are regrouping .

Also it would be nice if you could have a preference for high lvl or low lvl units in that tactical formation.. so with a battle you first wanna throw in the newbies and then the proffesionals or the other way around.
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