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Old 01-30-2011, 10:49 AM
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Originally Posted by joppe99999 View Post
I don't think that a food mechanic would work in such a game as this.. If your not online for a couple of day's, and your people are dying because there is no food, when you come online you have no army's anymore, is it than fun to play the game after such a thing happens? I played a lot of Settlers 7 and the online matches are very very long.. But even if you don't pay atention for a coulpe of minuts, everything is compleetly messed up..

So I think its better to have an AoE style of food (gather the food, spend it on units and tech) then such a mechanic. And siege would work with this system also.. Because if you have no food, you can't train anymore units, so your lost..
I agree with you, we have to take a simplistic route on this one.

But some siege engines that shoot projectiles, such as Catapults require stone to fire. If the stronghold is unable to mine more stone from outside, his wall mounted siege equipment will run out of stone.

You can prevent/siege him from collecting new resources, you will also be able to start dynamic wildfires to set some resources ablaze, such a wheat fields and mills, and entire forests.
You can also secure surrounding Stone and Gold Mines to keep him from them and keep a steady supply of ammo(stone) to your besieging siege equipment.
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