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Old 01-29-2011, 11:02 PM
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nice ideas here but i feel it is a mine field for bugs. just too much diversity i feel. having individual units in a battalion with differing stats would require far too much proscessing in my opinion when you have say 1000 troops on the field. cosmetically it may work but in terms of stats i think you are hoping for too much. its always the simplest and easiest to implement idea that they take from these forums and put into the game.
if you want that level of customisation meby if an orc army captures a human city they can use the human armourer to make an orc battalion all with human armour if its slightly better than thier own. but having it in the loot system would muddy things up and just invite problems.
GM-ing of crops is rife yes? so why have i not yet seen a 10ft killer tomato? to me thats just lazy!
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