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Originally Posted by myashin View Post
Yeah a great idea, also if i might add will there be more hero type units or our lord will be the only one? Also If we can hold siege to smoke enemies out, could we simply pillage and then destroy the stronghold? or do we HAVE to take it over?
I don't think there are mechanics in place for the citizens of a city to need to eat (that would require some monumental management in the first place, unless built as an independent, siege-only mechanic), so the likelihood of a "starving out" mechanic is pretty low. My understanding is that sieges are designed in such a way that the ultimate goal is killing the city's ruler. Note that the ruler isn't your hero--he's more akin to your military commander--but rather a governor or king who resides in the central building of your city.

The goal of the besieged is to use their defensive advantage to keep the enemy out of the walls and destroy their troops while taking minimal casualties.

The goal of the besieger is to successfully bring enough force to bear against those walls or their weak points to break or overcome them, and then tactically outmaneuver the city's owner.

In essence, against anyone but elves you are breaking supply lines, though. If you destroy an enemy's local hunting, farming, mining, and lumbering operations before attacking the city proper, they will have to rely on what resources they have to defend against you. If they run out, they can't train any more units or shore up any more defenses, and you've all but won assuming you have enough of your forces in tact.
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