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Old 01-28-2011, 12:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Squiglypig View Post
The learning curve is nothing for me, I learn easily. What sorta troubles me IS the politics, because they ARE pretty damn close to RL, but instead of being caught and put in jail, they can simply say "LOLOLOLOLOL" and keep on playing the game.

I think I got a cruiser as my latest ship, this awesome looking thing with curves and a cyan hue that made it look really damn sharp!
But I've gotten a bit more peaceful lately and I've also been playing some X3, so I'd probably be a trader or miner now instead of a pirate or merc.

I actually remember that the ammo I used for my weapon was tungsten because of the MUCH higher damage. Sure, the range was nothing to be proud of, but when I got within range they could feel it!
yeahhh, I like flying fast fast ships, so you are likely to find me in a frigate/assault frigate/interceptor/heavy assault frigate.
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