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Old 01-28-2011, 02:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Squiglypig View Post
I'm playing WoW regularly now, but maybe 1 years ago I played EvE online.

I actually had a fun time with it, but since I only played the trial version I couldn't exactly make the best for myself in there.
I've also heard many nasty things about the way corps are run in the game, but most of those rumors I heard from a guy that complains about literally EVERYTHING, so I might join you guys in EvE online sometime.
Hmmm, I had a really bad experience with a corp I had been with forever a couple months ago because they where paranoid and though I was a spy, heh. I got the boot, no questions asked and I had been with them for about half a year. But from my experience, thus far, it's not common that something like that happens.

The most **** thing that happens in game is back stabbing, IMO... People seeding them selves in corps and alliances and stealing everything. It's all fun and games and funny to point and laugh until it happens to your corp and you lose ships. T.T

The games biggest criticism is that its politics are too close to real life. That and it has a pretty hefty learning curve.

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