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Old 01-27-2011, 09:13 AM
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If it is a skirmish, as I said before, right now I do not believe you can have magic, period. Howevv,er I think it is something that would be nice to implement as it would give players a chance to use some magic even if they have not gotten their mage leveled up that far in the MMORTS.

If magic becomes allowed in skirmish games, I think there should be an allowed/unallowed toggle. Just like there is often for cheat codes.

Now, if the battle is in the MMORTS... that as an entirely different story.

Well, part of the trouble with removing things in DoF is that there are no ages or tech levels - a lot of things depend more on availability of resources, research of upgrades, and experience of units. Though, I guess limiting upgrades could work, I am just not sure how that would affect the balance of the game, and I think removing units would affect it much more.
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