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Originally Posted by Joseph Visscher View Post
Couldn't have really said it better myself.

But to add to it, it also includes more downloadable content such as special quests or even entire expansion packs or campaigns, maybe some co-op humans vs AI campaign that we will create after the game is released, keep a steady flow of new content that everone can purcahse with Wealth, not real money (so everyone can unlock the content but it takes a massive amount of time to gain that much wealth or just buy it with real money instantly).
Well, if you're going to implement buying expansion packs with in-game money, is it all going to be one currency so that people who have been long time players receive good amounts of in-game money just by playing and are able to further expand their game? Because I was mad when I couldn't go farther than level 18 in LOTRO without paying for the next area.

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