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Originally Posted by Negthareas View Post
Just to keep in mind... units are together in battalions [or companies... whatever you want to call them.] Eventually, micromanaging each soldier would become nerve-racking and time-wasting as you army expands. You will just want to get into battle, or appreciate the many other aspects of DoF.

That is why I suggested the experience option for battalions as a whole. To be realistic, I think that if anything is done in this area, it will have to be on a battalion-wide scale. I just don't think there would be enough players out there that appreciate such a high level of micromanaging that the Devs would consider implementing individual unit changes.

Also, unless you almost never play, or are a very bad player, or just like having absurdly small armies, keeping up with micro unit changes would be impossible.
In my idea you don't micromange the equipment of indvidual members of the battalions. They would mange their equipment themselvs automatily. You would just need to press the "loot and equip" botton and it is done. The remaining equipment (that no one needs on the battlefield) would be consumed to resources.

If you still don't understand me, go play Overlord demo and you will understand.

Originally Posted by Negthareas View Post
Also, just a note: battalions do earn experience porportional to the amount of foes they kill in battle, etc.. in a lull in combat or even after the battle, the player can assiagn which categories these experience points fit into for the battalion, meaning that the player can specialize certain battalions for certain tasks.[to get more experience].

How could the opposite player see that for example: this swordmen battalion is specialized in charging? If they are not going to see it then it must not make a big impact on the battalion performance in the specialized category.

Some further ideas:
Yoy cold (if you wanted) see the battalions going around and picking up equipment after the battle.

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