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Originally Posted by Joseph Visscher View Post
Ahag fellow Orcs!
Urr, Gellem Sak to eat, slit gellem throats, brill ripping gellem guts! War with Men bring huge Sak! Brillkag! Habbutoo
(Orcish Shaman curse) Man!

(Well met fellow orcs!
Yes, enemy meat to eat, slit enemy throats, pleasure [with] ripping enemy guts[out of them]! War with men brings huge meat! Enjoyable Battles. Orcish curse towards all humans.)

Grr Mada is hungry! Orcs bring me the head of Prince Erian!
QFT sir. Q.F.T.

I'm really looking forward to an epic sort of battle that pits bloodthirsty orcs against the graceful and deadly elves or the power hungry manipulative humans. There's just something special about taking someone down with brute force and superior numbers.
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