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Originally Posted by Sharku View Post
An awesome update. So far this game is shaping up to be everything I've dreamed of Just a few questions.

1. Are the forts upgradble through a "town center" and do they only upgrade walls or are some buildings added also? (by buildings I mean like non-controlled house or controlled military buildings.)

2. Can Humans and Elves also build in the swamp terrain and is there any advantage or bonus to a race for building in a certain type of terrain?

3. Are bridges buildable?

4. Is placement on the map random or do we choose where our enemies and us start like in B4ME?

5. Are mines free for all or do you have to build a certain building on top of them to collect them?
I will answer these from a skirmish standpoint.

1. Yes, the forts/strongholds are upgradeable from the town center. And yes, the town center will build houses, and military buildings. Trebs on wall towers are upgraded via the wall circle.

2. Again, from skirmish perspective, the strongholds are preset designs which the player will upgrade through resources. However, this does not mean that men, orc and elves can not build on each others terrain types in the game, it only means that our presets are for the race specific strongholds at this time. YOU, may jump in the editor and have the races build wherever your heart desires Also, the camps can be built on any terrain.

3. No. Except the Elven Stronghold bridges.

4. Damn, I don't know that one

5. Mines are free for all. No buildings are necessary.
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