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Old 01-23-2011, 08:29 PM
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I actually really like the idea above me and on this thread, of course some on said you could always mode it your self when the game is ready for modding. But i think that with the idea of traps is very necessary, as it would really add in the tactical and strategical methods of warfare. Also i think that with the introductions of methods of warfare each race should have different types of methods of warfare.

Warfare is great but when you can choose the type of warfare you good at it makes it even better. Like conventional warfare(ALL OUT WARFARE)

Guerrilla warfare should seriously be introduced for small time warfare. As in small teams of men attacking cities or supply lines to render the enemy unsuccessfully at its tactics. This would really be very interesting to see in game against other players. Also would be a great addtion to the Hardcore mode if it gets made.

OH OH and that reminds me it would be really interesting to see if the game adds in features such as special units such as assassins or heroes which have special abilities. Like assassin could be sent to enemy city before hand battle to gain information or sabotage enemy lines.

This would really add-in a new layer of depth to this game.
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