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Old 01-23-2011, 08:26 PM
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Random Events are good but should be controlled, i mean it will make the game exciting but may become seriously annoying for some. There should be a option in single player which allows random events to occur but on multilayer it can me frustrating. I mean think about it in a good RTS game random events don't just occur and if the did then game play would start to become BS after a while. Random events like natural disasters should be linked to the land the nations is in. Linking the land to the disaster makes sense. A Volcano will only make volcanic eruption in the area it is in, not just randomly anywhere. Civilizations 5 had the Gold age and I love the King scheme where you complete a set of objectives or continually complete to receive a proper bonus for the nations, not just a random bonus of 500 gold. The only reason you would receive 500 gold or something would be lets say if u carried out a raiding party or assassinated a enemy personal. All i'm saying is to link the events to the proper bonuses and negative effects.

This however would really add-in a new layer of depth to this game.

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