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Old 01-23-2011, 06:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Karl-Heinz View Post
Hm ... It's a shame. Of course, being attacked and even had a chance to defend himself would suck's, but could you leave this option. If any player attacking someone who is offline instead of facing a human with an ability equal to him he probably would end up with an AI at the highest level of difficulty that you would be able to create. That would make anyone think twice before taking such action, but would not end the player's freedom of choice.
Well usually in games like this if the AI faught for you they suck really bad. I mean really bad. They usually just stand there and wait for the enemy to come in range of their attack distance. So in that case this feature is really good for the game as you actually have to think tactically in the way you fight another player.
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