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Old 01-23-2011, 08:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Karl-Heinz View Post
The idea is good but from what I saw of the game, it seems he will have many units. Would be almost impossible to generate a unique character for each unit of each player, taking into account that it is an MMO.

I think that the technology nowdays would allow it. A simple text file would be used to store information about the level and equipment equipted to each invadial member of the unit type.

For example:

Unit type: swordsman
Unit name: Kyle the defender (you could give your veterans names if you wanted.) Otherwise the names would be randomly generated
Unit level: 3
Equipment Level:
Head: 1 (1 could mean wooden helmet, 2 could mean steel helmet etc. this is done to save space and time.)
Body: 5 (he is lucky to have such a high level of chest armor)
Legs: 2
Arms: 0 (he doesnít have any armguards, for now.)
Boots: 2
Weapon: 3
Shield: 1

Another example

Unit type: swordsman
Unit name: Mike
Unit level: 1 (recruit)
Equipment level:
Head: 0
Body: 1
Legs: 0
Arms: 3
Boots: 1
Weapon: 1
Shield: 1 (he always start with a sword and a shield. He is in fact a swordsman.)

Originally Posted by Karl-Heinz View Post
The idea would be perfect with hero unit, but the basic soldiers would be awkward to implement, since the manual selection of loot would be very complicated and automatic can not please everyone.

It arenít weapons or armors with different stats it is just better stats. For example: A swordman would not equip a spear instead he would equip a same type of sword but with better stats.

Originally Posted by Karl-Heinz View Post
Now, apply the concept of experience to the battalions is the wisest thing to do. This has always been present in games, since the Old but Gold Master of Magic. And that the ranks gaining experience in accordance with their deeds in battle, without the option of the player to choose, because that would just be ridiculous.

I dont see why it would be so ridiculous to give orders to your troops to convert every looted equipment to recourses or allow them to equip the loot.

For the experience your troops would still get experience even if you would order them to convert every loot to recourses.

Some further ideas:
The strongest member(who has the best equipment, higest level etc. combined together) of each unit type would automatically become a leader of the unit type and if killed in a battle a short cutscene would show he being killed, like in total war games. There would however be an option that would disable the cutscenes.
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