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Old 01-22-2011, 08:16 AM
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In WoW you can't buy items or anything that furthers your character its cosmetics and mounts.

i hope you are all right and iam making itl larger then it is, still if WoW sold Experience points or gold it would face alot of criticsm for good reason. and i dont see how selling influence points and or quests that make you stronger is any better this is not a F2P game and should not be opereated as such.

And having a forum with only fans is a dangerous thing just look at Starcraft 2 and their "Trends" Adding facebook to Starcraft 2 was an epic fail yet scraping the channels were considered the future and was praised before it came out. Perhaps if the Forum reacted stronger pre release it could be avoided.

To be honest tho i cant realy say anything untill i plalyed it and even if i get an beta key i still wont be able to say anything ^^ for a while.

"Fans are your worst enemiy and Critics your best friend".
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