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Originally Posted by DeliCious View Post
I Guess i just miss the days where i could just buy a game and get the full game. without someone trying to scam me, for more money constantly with small annoying little DLC that should just be included free of charge. with an expansion added once every year or so.

And by the way in LoL and Battleforge and LOTRO you dont just buy cosmetics you buy yourself ahead.

Whether it be Cards for Battleforge, Stat tomes to LOTRO, Runes and Heroes LoL, Influence points to DoW.

HoN tho offers superior gameplay and only offers cosmetics for sale. without a subscription. So i find it hard to believe that the Good people at Reverie studios cant just make a subscription based MMORTS and leave this scamming hustling people business alone.
Like a few others have said i think your blowing things out of proportion, you don't know the cost of the DLC in points or actual money or how many points you'll get per game or mission.

You will be getting a full game it includes: 3 game modes(Online Kingdom(MMORTS), Kingdom Wars(Single), and Skirmish Mode(Coop or Single), 3 Races(Man, Orcs, Elves), and a map editor.

You don't have to buy yourself ahead in any of those games you can spend time to get them.

Battleforge: I'll agree you cant PvP very well with just F2P cards, but there are tutorial videos out there of players doing Expert PvE videos with them. If you want to PvP go spend 10$ and buy the real game on amazon for 32 more cards + 3000 BFP which can get you alot of cards. I think that what the most expensive card is around 1300 and most of those are just for ease of use in PvE and they're that expensive because they're Amii Edition which is limited because that deck isn't out yet. Average useful Rare/Ultra is probably 100-200.

LOTRO: Dunno much about it so can't say anything about that one.

LoL: Heroes are supposed to be balanced, so your not really getting any advantage just a new play style, and you can buy them with IP(6300IP or 7.50$ for the most expensive) which means every month they release 2 new characters you either can spend 15$(A normal sub price) or play 450IP worth of games a day(First Win(250) + 6 Bot Farms(70*6=350) doing that should take you around 2hrs a day. (2 Games(30min each 50% win chance) + 12min per practice game). Runes: 3x HP Quints (3x2050=6150IP) 9x Red (410x9=3690IP) 9x Blue(410x9=3690IP) 9x Yellow(410x9=3690IP) or a total of 17220IP and you cant buy runes with RP, so you cant buy yourself ahead here either, so it takes you about a 2months of just "First Wins" to build a full Rune Page.

DoW: Unless Dwarfs and Dragon add-ons are so brokenly overpowered you cant win with the 3 included races. You can take your time and earn the influence in-game unless you want to play their play style right away, and if they're that overpowered somethings is wrong and people will notice and quit or complain.

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