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Old 01-21-2011, 06:58 PM
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No I didn't misunderstand your statements, seems that I just expressed myself wrong in some form. (or then its just that its 3am here and I should get some sleep eh?) But, yeah It's great to see how community works and develops something new, its always a fantastic sight.

I've heard lots of talking about the DLCs, and I'd like to hear more about the concept of keeping the game living through dlc content, and as I see it, the whole amount of dlcs will pretty much actually be determined by the community, and of course the team, as new great ideas arise, competitions are held etc, am I right?

I'm just wondering if the majority of suggestions and ideas are "dealt with" later on, as the game has been released, the first version will mostly have the touch of the team and the beta testers, even though the whole game wouldn't be here without the community, I just see that there has to be the deciding organ in the system, and as I see it, its the beta testers, that bring out the experience about the early stages of the game. so, it may be that the old suggestions etc, just simply cant fit the already so far developed game. (Still, I wont mind as long as the game will be awesome, can you guarantee me that please?)
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