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Old 01-21-2011, 06:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Alex Walz View Post
We're working on a strict schedule, so to be perfectly honest, we are just skimming through the suggestions. But that doesn't mean that we won't be considering them - DOF will live on through DLC, much of which will be inspired by the players' reaction to the shipped product.

So while we can't sufficiently address all of the suggestions and depend on the older fans to restate some of the information to answer questions, we do like hearing your thoughts and hope to put many of them into the game at one point or another. One good way you can help us out is to discuss one another's suggestions, which will give us insight into which ideas are especially popular with the fans.

Another great way to get your suggestions addressed is to sign-up for the beta. We have most of the team checking the private beta forums, and several of your fellow forumer's suggestions (such as new elven/orc siege defenses) are being incorporated. As far as the shipped version goes, we're looking into suggestions of things to modify rather than of things to add - which means that more consideration is given to the beta testers who are playing the game and know what it needs.

So we apologize that we can't respond to all of them (both because of our strict schedule and because we cannot give definite answers without doing research on it later down the road), but they will all be considered at some point.
good to hear, and to be honest, didnt really realize this before now, thanks for opening my eyes, I understand that there's tight schedule to work on and that leaves not much time to things like that, though, there aint much use for us "normal" forum users to contribute and to point out our views, since we haven't played the game or anything, and all our info is, well, from you guys, and we appreciate that, since there has been a lot of usefull information about the game, the balance, the units and gameplay, keep it going guys.
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