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Old 01-21-2011, 05:07 PM
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As I have said in other posts, I would like to see brainstorming on options in multiple different models with multiple different advantages.

I for one am a gamer where I will gladly shell out the money for something if it is worth it.

So far, I feel the system that Reverie is setting up seems sound, and somewhat similar to EVE to a certain extent. EVE also has a system in place where you can actually buy your monthly subscription with in game money, similar to how some DLC with DoF will be purchasable by people with enough in game Influence.

So far, we have not seen anything that would cause for alarm with game balance due to the implementation of this system, so I feel like DeliCious is sort of missing what Reverie is actually doing with the game.

Going back to what I said near the top though, I would be willing to pay for the game via a sub or micro transaction if there was content that was worth while. I fear that unless the studio can feed MEANINGFUL content at a steady pace, I will see the community (that is pretty impressive to me so far) dwindle through waning interest.

Also, the being able to buy content with Influence makes me wonder a bit about the rate at which you can earn it. I know how you earn it, but I'm curious as to how it all translates. If its too easy, then barely anyone will actually be paying the studio money for future content (save for physical expansions) and I wouldn't want to see the game go under because of this.
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