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Old 01-21-2011, 03:34 PM
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Delicious like litos and triggerhappy are saying, you are blowing this out of proportion. First of the influence that you can get, you either can pay for it will real money or earn it in game (read the FAQs thread).

"Q: What is Influence?
A: Influence is a fifth resource that can be accumulated as a reward for questing and warfare. Influence can then be spent on DLC and expansion packs in lieu of real money, allowing everyone to upgrade their game with the newest quests and content without paying a dime if they are active enough players."

Secondly in DOF you are getting the whole game, you don't have to spend money on influence points if you don't want too, like I mentioned be for you earn it in game. Personally I don't like paying a monthly subscription on a game I just spent 50-60 $ on, But be given the option to pay a little bit for something extra if I want too.
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