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Old 01-21-2011, 03:04 PM
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Del, I really think you're blowing the micro-transaction model out of proportion in terms of how regularly it is used to exploit players, and to what extent when it is. After studying business in college and spending a good deal of time analyzing the F2P and P2P models out of personal interest in the market, I say with confidence that, while F2P has the potential for greater earnings based on what a company decides to actually sell, the P2P model is not the only potentially respectable model available to developers.

I've played WoW for a long time, and Blizzard uses both a P2P model and a micro-transaction model simultaneously; You pay monthly fees for the core game that everyone has equal access to (granted the time to do so) and you opt to pay other, additional fees for purely cosmetic items or character services such as name, faction, or server changes. Do these micro-transactions break the game? Not at all. They strengthen the game by offering a variety of optional tools and cosmetic perks to players and supplementing the income of the developer, who needs sustained income to stay in business and support their game. The overheard costs for a game in the MMO meta-genre are staggering--the development, ideally, never really stops.

Blizzard's content patches usually come monthly--ostensibly we could then say that WoW players like myself pay $15 per patch. That doesn't even account for the expansions or base game client, which are paid for separately.

DoF really is approaching the same function with a different pay model. You will simply be able to choose when and in what order to apply those content patches and pay for them individually, rather than forcibly each month. The fundamental difference is that balance changes, which Blizzard puts in each monthly patch, will be given to you for free, apart from these updates. Ironically, this actually makes DoF's model a better value for you, the customer.

I only just recently heard about and took interest in DoF, but what I've seen is not the talk of greedy, manipulative game designers working to create a platform for extortion disguised as a video game. The RTS genre hasn't had many successful forays into the MMO meta-genre, and few would be willing to put down a monthly fee for access. They're just making the appropriate business moves in the interest of their development time. If you so vehemently desire them to "Scrap it all toghether [sic]" rather than adopt a feasible and potentially consumer-friendly model, you might be better off finding another MMORTS game that suits your tastes more closely.

As for me and mine, we'll be watching DoF eagerly to see how they approach their chosen payment model. It's a simple matter of not creating a vast gap between "haves" and "have-nots" through micro-transactions; easily avoided by not selling tactical advantages for real world money, which I have seen no indication of whatsoever.
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