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Old 01-21-2011, 12:41 PM
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I some what doubt influence will be something you can trade between players if it is, yes, it could encourage gold farmer spam. I'm sure it will be something high but if it to high and give you a huge advantage, they're going to lose quite a bit of the F2P market. But unless these special quest and expansions give you extra damage to all units or some sort of overpower units, they wont matter all expansions will do is possibly change gameplay styles if everything is balanced correctly and special quest seem like to me they'll just be new mission or maps to play.

I don't think HoN or LoL has better gameplay both get more characters add its just did you pay for the game and its update or do you want to play for the updates or pay for it. Its more so HoN has a better player base because people don't want to get banned for leaving because it costs them money to play while LoL is free and most people haven't spent much on it and up til a little bit ago there wasn't a lot of enforcement on leavers or spoiling games which they're all changing and has already shown a ton of improvement. And if I'm correct were still paying for the game at that start so it isn't completely F2P so as long as there good enforcement people will be civil because they wont be able to just make a new account.

I'm guessing this is a Lol reference also, does cosmetics really change anything its just changing the model not giving any real advantage(except maybe some sort of mental psych-out being like "Oh they must really be good with character better keep an eye out") It just means you really like that cosmetic change. Even if you don't want to pay you can mod them for your own viewing pleasure if your really wanted too.

In the long run, yes, a F2P will probably cost a hardcore fan of the game more money or time but will bring in more players for them to play with. While P2P will still cost you maybe not as much depending on how much content is released per payment period but will lessen the starting player base.

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