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Old 01-21-2011, 12:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Dreadnought View Post
That may well work but if your away for a longer period it could spoil your enjoyment of the game, like konrad said you dont need the stress of the game adding to uyour real world life. Plus I work away from home so it would be impossible for me. Also dont forget people live in different time zones so unless they are going to split the servers then I may never see you in the game.

I agree with the time zones and stress factor, but I'm still longing for a more interesting system when I'm offline rather than the no ones home scenario. I'm sure through play testing, more of this will get hammered out before release.


Dreaming some more though, I would still love to have this as an option. Maybe even as a server of its own that people could choose to play on, like a hardcore mode. If you cant get back home to do a full scale counter attack, maybe you could log into the website and use some very basic kingdom management tool to recall an army to join the fight if they are within a reasonable distance of where you are being attacked. Or perhaps use this website basic management tool that I suggest to at least fortify your men in a way that would make the attacker at a severe disadvantage, even if he were fighting a AI controlled kingdom at the moment.
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