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Old 01-21-2011, 10:52 AM
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If this were truly to be an effective addition, perhaps it could be tied directly into the looting that is done by your peasants during or after a battle...

A simple way of doing it is that besides getting resources from looting, you also pick up a certain amount of Experience Points that you can allocate to any unit or battalion you desire.

Now I know that sounds hardly realistic, but, in my mind, the experience points would take the place of any equipment, as the points are used to upgrade a unit, which is also the goal of equipment. So it kind of fits.

The one fault in this concept is the possibility of more elite units/battalions, as players could focus their looted experience points on one or two units/battalions. This would mean that the experience of a battalion/unit would not be representative of experience earned during actual combat.

Issues? Ideas?
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