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Old 01-21-2011, 09:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Ohnoto View Post
If there were to be a ladder and show who the top player(s) are, that would put a huge target on them to be attacked.
Yes... but is not that part of the idea? The goal of getting to the top is to show that you are the best, which means you should be able to hold your place there despite numerous attacks, [i]if you are the best[i]. Besides, most players would get wrecked if they attacked high-end players. The only way this would be a possibility is if a whole alliance kicked in against a particular player. Then again, only a great fool... would be that powerful and not use his influence to gain himself an alliance to be lord of. Then the war becomes a clash of alliances...

I think a ladder would be a great idea. Ones for particular players, as well as for alliances, with different categories. EG: there could be tabs for size of army, wealth, income, economy, number of cities, etc..

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