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Old 01-21-2011, 09:25 AM
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@JurassicPork so true.

But how can they possibly have a balance for inbase wealth and puchased wealth? If the wealth needed to purchace DLC and extras is to low people will farm and sell it online thus destroying the system they implemented to profit

And if they put it to high so its not even reasonable to buy DLC and quiests with ure in game Wealth, then they will make a profit but sacrfice crucial gameplay striking a balance has never been done and i do doubt fully that DoF will succeed here and once you sacrfice gameplay for Profit your game will be doomed anyhow.

Its the you cant buy things with ingame wealth and have a system to purchace it at the same time. they dont mix to low will destroy the game to high will drag the quality down, so this is what they will do the will have wealth needed to purchase expansions and DLC so crazy high nobody will do it, but they can still brag about having the option open its a scam.

WARNING: Do not take your game in this direction Scrap it all toghether.
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