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Old 01-21-2011, 07:31 AM
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I played LOTRO pre F2P and after its not better after i couldent even subscripe anymore and now they wanted alot that money for buying quests which cost alot more then subscrbing.

We felt so cheated and was shown yet again how the Monetary system corrupts games to the core and lowers quality, having to constantly buy new quests to enjoy the game fully.

There is alot of people playing Farmville quantity of players dosent always make a good game now adays. And how can the game be balanced if you can buy a diffrential advantage weather it be buy small quests or influence points?

And lets not kid ourself buying stuff with wealth is a joke we have seen it before, League of legends LOTRO. Where you could play 100 hours to earn points for 5$
Here's a nice Quote "F2P brings significantly more profit to the developers than a subscription model"" From Lito. Lets Translate, saying that this game will cost more then a subscription based MMO if you wanna enjoy it fully. Recent Trends are BS move away from money sucking and fast.

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