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Old 01-21-2011, 06:22 AM
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Hmm, in these pvp battles would you get like one or two platoon of npc's to control of your choice? To live up to some of the rts expations? or will it be like a game on warcraft, What is it called... I think its dota?.. or is that you go around collecting resourses ectera for your troops to keep its moral up, Ooh theres an idea, Moral. Say I was looking at the other posts, what if the armys food starts to run short (supply lines) becuse they were cut off, then some of your troops will flee in battle or leave over night, or there might be a mutiny, and could become robbers or bandits. Its realistic in some sence. it would be more difficult for mutiny but it would keep the players need to keep the men happy, and it would be more realistic in that sence.

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