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Old 01-21-2011, 01:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Konstantin Fomenko View Post
Age of Empires online is definitely our competition right now.
Hmmm... it may be a competition even if it is a total different game. But then yes, AoE:O is free to play with premium account and DoF is a one payment with the possibility to buy "honour points". I don't think the majority of gamers will go better with AoE:O premium instead of DoF.
Everyone should try AoE:O as it is free and sure will be fun, but considering the previews, it seems repetitive and in the same time DoF is something unique like we newer seen before.

All in all
AoE:O = free cartoon game (the cartoon part I do like) with almost room based gameplay. More of a facebook game.
DoF = real PC game with real graphics and real persistent world.

And the playerbase for each game will be, in majority, different. The same are two WW2 strategy games, one is Men of War: Assault Squad (i'm in the game credits :P thus I wont say that's the better one) and the other, all know, is Company of Heroes. The two games are different from each other and has different playerbase who all tried at least once the concurrent game.

P.S. For me, it is certain that I will play both games, DoF on my desktop PC and sometimes on my Laptop, while AoE:O on my netbook (if they don't change their mind about making it work on a netbook).

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