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Great to see some of you have read through the wall of text!

Will the different races be able to align themselves together, such as elves and orcs in the same alliance?
Yup, Guild leaders can let in players of any faction.

I am guessing at this stage in the game visually there will not be a difference between choosing one region or another with regards to the architecture and pallets for the races? A human empire in the plains would look and build differently then a human empire in the alpine region for example. Maybe something to think about if it hasn't already been discussed.
Nice ideas. The architecture will be the same but there may be some difference in textures - for example, all of the major NPC towns have their own style with uniquely textured walls and buildings.

Will we be able to select which hero or type of hero we have to start with? I know the details on their abilities and such will be announced in the future, but was wondering if we had any choice from the beginning. Do all humans have the same hero to start with? Would be nice if we can choose from like a mage, knight, noble, ect that would have various bonuses and abilities based on how and what type of empire we want to build.
As mentioned, we can't really get into this quite yet but if we do have choices at the beginning, they will only be basic. We will not get into details with classes - most of the options available will be based on gameplay (such as weapon choice) and not graphical or as complex as an RPG hero editor. In DOF, heroes play a fairly minimal role in the grand scheme of things.

I think it will be fun to try out the different races to see how to take advantage of their economic styles. Each tends to from what I can tell lean the race in a particular play style, orcs expansive, elves defensive, humans a bit of both styles. What would be interesting also would be how to buck the arch-style and make a defensive orc empire or a sprawling elvish empire.
That would! The suggested play styles aren't meant to limit anybody. Each race can be used just as offensively or defensively as any other - it all comes down to strategic micromanagement.

I guess with the four resources we won't need iron then to forge our weapons and armour
No iron. We considered other resources but thought that simplicity would be best given everything else the player has to manage.

Can we choose to be pawns of various dark schemes? That might be fun
It's usually not a good thing to be a pawn.

Having a detailed advisory to help newbies through the games mechanics and basics is a great thing, you don't want to alienate certain players because of a steep learning curve. On top of that, you don't want to have a shallow game for the sake of making it easy for everyone (I am not sure what the 'target' audience is, but I would imagine it would be for those who have experience in strategy games...). I would also suggest (Not sure if it is already an option) the ability to skip tutorial quest after they have been done once by a player. Maybe not have as drawn out a process or something. Trying out different races and homelands doing the same quest each time will get old
The introductory quests won't be skippable, but they also won't take too much time. And every quest, even the introductory ones, are unique to each race. So they will introduce you to race-specific elements as well as the history and lore surrounding you and your village.

Ah maps my favorite secret love. Wait... it's not a secret anymore Ohhh NOOO Just a note, if there is additional content with a box version, include a map
We'll keep that in mind when we start work on the manual! Maybe one day we'll release a couple images of the world map to see how it evolved over time.

What type of items can be viewed from the map? I would like to see territories, trade routes, resources, ect. Does the world map change with time (when you first start you village will be small spec on the map as it grows it will too grow to a castle or major city on the map.
Yes, all of these will be seen on the world map - although trade routes will be minimally displayed to not interfere with armies. Some resources will be shown - like forests and farms, but it wasn't a major consideration. Your village will grow on the world map, but it will not perfectly represent your homeland - instead, there will be different models it will cycle through of an average homeland based on where you are - beginner, slightly built up, walled, etc.

While I agree that each player should retain their home city, it does kind of lose its luster if you can't take over their town. Can you take over any other cities, such as npc towns? Can you mange multiple cities at once? I guess I am a little bit confused on this yet. I get that you would plunder the town for resources though. The Vassal topic would be an interesting alternative to taking over someone elses town. Maybe during a later update though based on what I have read.
Not in the Online Kingdom mode. However, in the single-player Kingdom Wars mode, this is encouraged as you will take over many towns as you seek out total domination.
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