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Oh and don't forget that AoE:O is restricted to only for some countries, at least the beta is. What I really like from what is seen on the videos over the net, is the graphics, nice and playful and don't need a well equipped pc to run the game, if i'm correct and they did it with the AoE3 upgraded engine, then it will still work on notebooks and the will bring them enough players of all kind. What I don't like, is the concept of the game. How Henry Martin said "I for one am tired of constant base building in games (starcraft, AOE, and most other rts games). Every new map you do you have to make a new base. I like having one persistant base that makes units at and sends them out to do quests(or missions for singleplayer)."

P.S. It's a hidden wish of mine to play DoF on my desktop Pc with it's actual graphics but for the same DoF to have a secondary client with the cartoonish graphics of AoE:O for I can play it on my netbook to :P. I know they are not gaming platforms but are so comfortable to use them everywhere.

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