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Cool Re: Online Kingdom

I felt behind the 8-ball so to speak joining up now, lot of content to go through all at once so this seemed like a good place to start. At any rate, here are some thoughts about what you have brought up.

Players can also temporarily align themselves with other players to take on the mightiest of Strongholds or advance in their questing. For a more permanent alliance, players can establish guilds and engage in large-scale Guild vs. Guild battles.

Promoting Guilds will be important for the online aspects of the game, the ability to recruit and search for guilds/guildmembers will be a large factor in this (would love to see detailed guild information as well, such as number of members, army size, gold, homelands, guild banners, ect). I am not familiar enough with the game's interface to see how that functions now, and have just scratched the surface of the 'Fantasy Friday' archives, so forgive me if I am touching on something that is already been discussed/revealed. Will the different races be able to align themselves together, such as elves and orcs in the same alliance?

For each race, players are given a choice of three radically-different regions in which they can build up their empire.

I am guessing at this stage in the game visually there will not be a difference between choosing one region or another with regards to the architecture and pallets for the races? A human empire in the plains would look and build differently then a human empire in the alpine region for example. Maybe something to think about if it hasn't already been discussed.

At the start of the game, players are given one Hero unit to guide and represent their town.

Will we be able to select which hero or type of hero we have to start with? I know the details on their abilities and such will be announced in the future, but was wondering if we had any choice from the beginning. Do all humans have the same hero to start with? Would be nice if we can choose from like a mage, knight, noble, ect that would have various bonuses and abilities based on how and what type of empire we want to build.

Similar to the discrepancies in homeland construction, each race features a different economic model to reflect the different play styles.

I think it will be fun to try out the different races to see how to take advantage of their economic styles. Each tends to from what I can tell lean the race in a particular play style, orcs expansive, elves defensive, humans a bit of both styles. What would be interesting also would be how to buck the arch-style and make a defensive orc empire or a sprawling elvish empire.

If players are not content with the resources available to them or have begun to deplete their sources, they can also seek trade with NPC towns and other players (discussed later).

I guess with the four resources we won't need iron then to forge our weapons and armour

The only question is whether the player will prove just another pawn in a dark scheme, or if they shall bring light to Mythador once more.

Can we choose to be pawns of various dark schemes? That might be fun

It is here in their homeland that players will meet their first Advisor unit, a non-playable resident of the homeland.

Having a detailed advisory to help newbies through the games mechanics and basics is a great thing, you don't want to alienate certain players because of a steep learning curve. On top of that, you don't want to have a shallow game for the sake of making it easy for everyone (I am not sure what the 'target' audience is, but I would imagine it would be for those who have experience in strategy games...). I would also suggest (Not sure if it is already an option) the ability to skip tutorial quest after they have been done once by a player. Maybe not have as drawn out a process or something. Trying out different races and homelands doing the same quest each time will get old

World Map

Ah maps my favorite secret love. Wait... it's not a secret anymore Ohhh NOOO Just a note, if there is additional content with a box version, include a map

What type of items can be viewed from the map? I would like to see territories, trade routes, resources, ect. Does the world map change with time (when you first start you village will be small spec on the map as it grows it will too grow to a castle or major city on the map.

any NPC Town or Player Homeland may be attacked. If the attacking force successfully sieges the town, they will receive a significant amount of resources from the defender although the town itself will remain under the defenderís control.

While I agree that each player should retain their home city, it does kind of lose its luster if you can't take over their town. Can you take over any other cities, such as npc towns? Can you mange multiple cities at once? I guess I am a little bit confused on this yet. I get that you would plunder the town for resources though. The Vassal topic would be an interesting alternative to taking over someone elses town. Maybe during a later update though based on what I have read.

Army Camps

Can you build your camps anywhere? Such as choke points, mountain passes, other strategic points?

Homelands cannot be attacked while their owner is offline.

Yes, thank you, can't say how annoying that is in other games.

Looking forward to finding and exploring more about this game
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