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It's unfortunate really, because I really enjoy the DC Comic Universe. Batman, Superman (& Smallville), and overall I enjoyed the combat, the costume features where you learn a piece of gears look and can keep it on any item, the mini-games based on your movement style.

They just used the same copied control style from StarWars Galaxies, not sure about their other games, instead of actually using something that is more familiar to others. There are other options for control styles, but honestly, I didn't notice any major changes, other than a button or two. If they were going to make 3 different control styles, why not make one for the more traditional MMO style? It's also unfortunate when a company decides to not listen to those they picked for beta testing, because these were the top things brought up on the Beta forums.

Beta testing, while it can be fun, is extremely hard on a company because 90% of feedback is "X can be done better" "Y isn't working as intended". And if a company has too much pride to actually change and adjust to what the people paying want, it really shows.

Well, here's to holding out for Marvel Universe. Maybe Gazillion Entertainment can make it a good game.
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