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Old 01-20-2011, 03:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Toven View Post
Crushed by EA and or Blizzard? Really? EA has ruined RTS games and Blizzard could only make a spam one type of unit RTS games.

Neither of those companies could pull off an awesome RTS or MMO let alone an MMORTS. Not even their combined power, they would either make the graphics too childish, attack animations too family friendly or or just flat out fail with their fanbase.

Now I just registered and saw that one trailer and from the looks of it that's a great MMORTS. I wouldn't go so far as to say awesome, would need to combine two specific rts games and know what you're doing to get into the awesome area but nevertheless it's great.

From just that trailer I can already tell they have the basics every RTS should have. Walls you can actually have troops stand on instead of these thin walls that only act as nothing more than an obstacle rather than a major threat if you're without ladders or seige equipment. Towers with seige equipment like trebuchets and gates. Many rts games leave these things out making for a boring and dull game. That's only saying from watching the trailer.

I saw that there was also real time building(?) of the towers, seeing the workers hammer away at the tower to construct it.

Untl I actually play it I can't really say anymore.

Toven out!

Oh one more thing. If other companies did try to make an MMORTS. Well as a fanbase it would only be fair to say DoF clones.

There are other MMORTS games but if you google them and check them out, They SUCK.... Its as if a 9 yearold designed them..Take "SAGA" For example, right now its actually the leading mmorts right now, the graphics suck compared to DoF, the concept is terrible, the service is terrible and its actually Pay to win type of game...There are many MMORTS games, but as I see , DoF will be and yes I said "Will be" the first "TRUE" MMORTS game.
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