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Old 01-19-2011, 02:51 PM
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So what you're saying is that for sake of argument, a orc melee unit kills its equivalent human opponent that your orcs could look the humans armor if it's better. I think that would be neat, it would make the orcs definately seem like raiders and pillagers. I dont think that it should happen automatically though. If something like this was implemented I think that "looting" should happen after combat. So once you have won the skirmish, successfully sieged the castle , defended your castle , etc. You can choose to have units equip looted gear from the enemy dead or more resources. Make the player determine whats they want more... More well equipped troops or more resources to raise more troops, build up your castle , research tech or w/e . I don't think that looting gear should be race specific persay, but some races like elves might not loot certain things, example an elf wouldnt want to wear smelly , heavy , ugly orc armor...right?
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