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I can name more than a few sequels to absolutely awesome games that have been nothing short of crap. So it's fair enough to reserve final judgement until the game is out. That said, I wouldn't exactly go betting money against SC2, as Blizzard has a phenomenal track record. As far as graphics go, I think that may be one of SC2's greatest shortfalls, but Blizzard has always weighted graphical style over sheer power of their game. I don't think that's going to be a problem, but who can say?

As far as map editors go, Starcraft 2 is more likely than not going to be awe inspiring. I'm not saying that DoF cannot do the same or top it, but rather that by doing so they'll have created something simply out of this world. We're talking about a map editor so powerful that it rendered modding redundant because you could do anything you needed for a mod inside a custom map anyways. It's also so approachable that anyone can just walk in and with a few hours of experimentation start writing simple scripts (with no scripting background whatsoever!)
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