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Hello! I will address your questions on behalf of Reverie World.

Q:Reverie studios ? who are they never,heard of them and what have they done?

A: Dont realy know only thing you find if you google them is a link to Dawn of Fantasy and they are nowhere to be found on gamespot, and IGN only mentions them vaguely.
Reverie World Studios is a game design company based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Dawn of Fantasy is its first game, but its designers have experience working on AAA games including Empires: Dawn of the Modern World, Rise & Fall, and Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. Other notable DOF devs come from an accomplished background from teaching game design, award-winning modding and scenario design, internationally-recognized compositions, and playwriting on a professional level.

Dawn of Fantasy was to be published by Lighthouse Interactive, but they went bankrupt, leaving DOF as an indie game until 505 Games came along.

Keep in mind that DOF was just officially announced today, with 505's press release. From here on out, the marketing will kick into high gear. 505 is very excited about the game, and has a large staff dedicated to getting the word out.

Q:MMORTS is a big genre to create and ambitios to even head on not to mention expensive how can a small company that nobody has ever heard of pull this of?

A: That is the question i have been asking myself because with no publicity to speak of and Dawn of fantasy basicly unknown to the world, i Fear bankrupcy because lets be honest? how could gameplay can you create with the limited funds you have Reverie? No doubt you are Lions among Sheep when it comes to programing but will it be enough?
As mentioned earlier, Reverie World was essentially an indie designer for most of its existence. Therefore, its designers are not primarily motivated by money but rather, to challenge themselves to turn their vision into reality. Most of the millions dumped into other games goes into visual features like CGI, but has no effect on the gameplay itself. We at Reverie switched this around and really emphasized gameplay while making stunning visuals that didn't exceed the technical capabilities - meaning they were designed with performance in mind.

With this said, DOF wasn't designed without funding. We have had very generous grants from Telefilm Canada as well as express funding from both Lighthouse and 505.

Q:but now when they finaly have a publisher what can go wrong?

A: Dawn of fantasy will be crushed by the bigger companies Blizzard/Ea who will take the best parts of fantasy and make their own MMORTS just with a budget that is 100x bigger then the one Reverie had.
If Blizzard or another big-budget company made an MMORTS, we would be excited! We're all passionate gamers, not corporate pigs trying to monopolize the genre. There's room for more than one game in a genre, and I for one, would love to see to the rise of the MMORTS genre!

As to the effect on DOF, I'd say it would have very little negative impact, as the game wouldn't be released for several years, and would shine light on the genre, benefitting DOF. With DOF, we want to see how our innovative gameplay and post-release support stand up to the test of time. After release, we will hopefully generate more revenue, which can then be used on the less necessary features, such as CGI, and we'll be able to learn from our experience with DOF to make an even better game if we chose that route.

Q: Will reverie Studios be known for creating the MMORTS franchise?

A: That is the question because as they fade away we will know,the users on this forum will know but we are but a small part of the world
That is a very controversial question as every studio with an MMORTS says that theirs is the first. So I'm not going to disrespect all of them by making any claims to creating the first MMORTS franchise, but I would say that ours is the most intricate and innovative MMORTS of any to date.

The idea for Dawn of Fantasy is ten years old. Obviously development hasn't been going on that long, but this should tell you how much planning and fine-tuning was involved. So DOF may very well have been the first large-scale MMORTS in writing, but there are a couple more MMORTS games in production at the present time.
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