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Old 01-18-2011, 10:18 AM
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Default MMORTS can it realy be done?Updated.

Recently i found out that they will have an Purchasing option ingame so you can purchase New Quests,DLC,Influence,etc(Good by Free updates that adds anything of value)

If you played League of Legends
Lord of the rings online
Or Battleforge

you will pretty much understand what im talking about. basicly Cashcows with shallow gameplay (Yes even LOTRO and im an old LOTRO player)
Now if you were willing to pay a subscription every month to play this say 10$ or more dont worry about it it will cost more now if you wanna fully enjoy the game and have a competetive city that is. Now Alex walz realy came with comforting words such as

"We're all passionate gamers, not corporate pigs trying to monopolize the genre" -Alex Walz

but when you sacrifice gameplay for profitability you do become "corporate pigs" unless its an act of survivial which i doubt.

Lets just throw some info out there Product + DLC;/Quests + Influence + Wealth + Expansion

Dawn of fantasy 34.99$ + DLC 5.99$-9.99$ + Quests 1-3$ + ? + ? +19.99$ (Not actuial prices)
This is not going to be cheap to play.

Who says im right thou ? maybe they will have epic success even thou they have all theese little scams going, but to me if they succeed they would have had greater success without it.

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