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Originally Posted by szebus View Post
I want to return to my previous question. Will the game possibly be starting with low details on a Dell mini 1018 (CPU: Intel® AtomTM Single Core N455 1.66GHz; RAM: 1GB; HDD 160GB; Video: Intel GMA 3150) ? Will there be a possibility to lower the graphics settings so much that it could start and run quiet normal on a netbook with the above specs ?

Not that I had not understood tha answer to my question, just hoping there will be a possibility even not from the game menu but from an ini file or such.
Looking at what you have it pushing it for pretty much anything today. its a single core 1.66 ghz process. I would be surprised if you can run any modern game (or any game within the last 3 or so years).

So for running this game, I don't think you will be able to play this game decently. You are going to have really low FPS.
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