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Old 12-27-2010, 11:20 AM
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Henry Martin is someone to look uptoHenry Martin is someone to look upto

Yeah I agree with you szebus, I like the are style for the game. Now the gameplay, well I'm not a fan of. They do have the traditional base building, but that only happens on quests. You home city really is just used for tech tree upgrades, items and quests.

I for one am tired of constant base building in games (starcraft, AOE, and most other rts games). Every new map you do you have to make a new base. I like having one persistant base that makes units at and sends them out to do quests(or missions for singleplayer). Thats why I'm a fan of the blitzkreig series, you don't make any bases, you get a fixed amount of units to use and a limited amount of reserves to call in. The persistant homecity is actually the main reason I like DOF.
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