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Old 07-07-2007, 12:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Irish_PXzyan View Post
Id be happy if they do not have bonuses for formations...if you take a look at Rise and Fall...if you had men in formations..they would get armor and weapon bonuses..each formation can get a max of 64 units...and the more men in that formation the higher the bonus levels was terrible!

If formations are going to be used in this game id like to see something like this:

Available to swordsmen onlyA group of 20 or more men in a line formation will rise there shields and take less damage from ranged weapons but walk slower and are open to cavalry attacks.

Available to pikemen only A group of 20 or more men in a square are deadly attack cavalry attacks but are easy pickings against archers.

Available to cavalry only A group of 10 or more cavalry units can form this formation and can crush certain formation types by trampleing them but if charged against a spearwall formation they would be crushed!

If formations are going to be included in this game...please dont make them pointless and only there to look fancy...make them have realistic effects.

wow you put alot of effort into your work