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Old 12-11-2010, 02:34 AM
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Default People like the idea? yeah!

Yes this could be a way to lure an opponent onto some unfavorable ground/territory.
as for defending the supply line, small garrisons that would shrug off bandits to maintain the resupply shouldn't eat into your men too much. at the same time, marching an army into enemy territory should put you at an immediate disadvantage. you don't know exactly where they are, so if they surprise your rear cut you off from your supplies you "might" be in trouble.

as for the orcs killing their foes for food...well
that just means that they will be even more feared! love that idea btw.

this would enable more choices for players to fail and succeed at, the more choices you have will increase the diversity and depth of strategy.
thanks for the great replies everyone!
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