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Old 12-10-2010, 10:05 PM
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ehh im merely comparing the more successful RTS of our time... DoF is in a world of its own and only a few RTS can be compared. Captains and generals i dont mind at all... they can definitely give another aspect to the game and spice things up as long as they arent "heroes" which are different IMO. heroes in alot of RTS and MMORTS that ive played have been.. dare i say it.. overpowered. Take saga for example if you have played it... heroes were another deathblow in that game.

The reason i mention SC is not the number of thier units or such but the way it plays the rock, paper, scissor to a point where strategy.. not heroes will determine the victor. I much prefer being beaten by a guy who outsmarted me instead of a guy who played so much that he has Hero units that can destroy entire companies by themselves etc.