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Old 12-08-2010, 09:45 PM
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I listened to it again, and I guess I see what you are all saying. I thought that the music was kind of strong to get you in the mood to fight...which it does for me. Is it something I'd want to listen to all the time...probably not. But it is okay for something short I think.

Something mellower might be better, i know it scared the **** out of me the first time.
And to that end, that's why I think it isn't mellow and could startle's not supposed to be pleasant. I'm just describing their supposed intention though...they could have something that wasn't intended to conjure up aspirations of wreaking havoc on ones enemies walls. But if that is what they wanted, something mellow probably wouldn't work.

Anyhow, sound in the game is a lot different (although I could see that being what you hear every time you go to the main menu of the actual game). If it was, would that be enough to make you want to quit ?