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Originally Posted by Joseph Visscher View Post
Unpredictability, hehe.
Yea you won't like it when all your livestock get eaten by Wolves when you forget to bring them in from the meadow, muahahahahah!
Well thats consequence! And frankly im gonna do that alot of times & setting fire on a forrest, just to see those wolves do their handiwork Been looking forward to a properly scripted AI the last 10 years in a strategy orientated game, which seems to be within reach finally.


Im not sure we`ll talk about the same when I say,- Enviroment should change as a consequence of a players choices.
Lets assume you get really mad on your peasents, thinking they need spit out some more money in tax. You whip them happily around abit, some of those people would likely flee you, eventually making a band to survive, even getting into other kingdoms, for good or worse depending on the rulers.
In my opinion would an enviroment not subject to change by your choices be rather dull.

As someone once said,..

Every action has a reaction
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