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Originally Posted by Asatru View Post
To be honest, i dont know if RP will be good on a game like this, after all its a RTS.

I used to play Eve online and RP as a Amarrian, you where a pilot and could easly do this, but i am not sure how to RP a entire kingdom.

Because with Eve you where part of a RP faction you could do RP with it, but with this game you yourself are the RP faction so how do you RP from there, like Kyzarin says :

For example, one elf might hate orcs like none other and do everything he can to defeat them. Another elf living nearby might think the first elf is entirely too aggressive, and that it's better to only deal with the enemies that actually pose a threat. With a little imagination, numerous possibilities exist, including ones that don't fit the standard stereotypes.

For me that means ( translate ) everybody will have the freedom to RP how they see fit, i prefer to be atleast some guide line's for RP.
You don't so much as role play an entire kingdom, although you could, but as an individual in the kingdom. Normally you assume the role of the commander or king or queen, basically whoever is in charge.

However, if you so desire, you could easily pretend to be a witness. What I mean to say, either a soldier or peasant who bares witness to the events that unfold. See it all through that person's eyes.