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Old 12-06-2010, 02:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Fangg View Post
I have seen stategy game working fine on XBOX before. CIVI evolution was great, but again not a RTS.

What im afraid of with RTS for XBOX is most the control handling. But i dont have much experience playing RTS on any console and the control handling is the main thing that keeps me away from RTS genre on console systems.

Another thing that is way better with computers vs. Consoles is the graphic and the mobility of a laptop. I personally hates the split screen when multiple players are playing on the same screen.
Civilisation revolution was good, but it is a TTS, totally different.
RTS on consoles have standard setups using toggles and radial menus, they are really easy to adapt to, but of course have the downfall of no keyboard shortcuts and no mouse... So everything is a bit slower as such.

When you say computer, laptop is specialist really. Computer generally refers to a tower, rather than a laptop. I would not recommend RTS for laptops, unless you get a mouse and have a high spec laptop.
Also, the split screen has nothing to do with laptops being better? If you are saying that LAN for laptops is better than multiple players on consoles, then you could easily be argued with that consoles also have LAN ability for most games...

I am tempted call trolling here, but I will let it slide, your just after your 10 posts after all... Just like every other new member of the last few days
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