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Old 12-06-2010, 01:38 PM
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To actually make it work, it may take putting together an RP faction/alliance (or whatever they are in this game--I'm assuming this game has a 'guild' system) in which the purpose of the faction is to create opportunities for RP within the game. It may be a bit more challenging to RP in an MMORTS than, say, an RPG game, but it will be no less fun.

Originally Posted by LordShaden View Post
This isn't a straight RTS to my understanding MMORTS. So I suppose, you can RP to a certain extent..I just wouldn't expect everyone to RP back. =P
I personally wouldn't try to RP with the random person I meet. In a game like this, it would be necessary to agree ahead of time to RP.

Originally Posted by Fangg View Post
It would be funny to Roleplay in a RTS, but i find it hard to do. Who will play the elfs a peace loving race, that just wants to be left alone. And vicious disorganised Orcs what will get killed i huge numbers, in their own ranks before a battle even starts. And the Humans, well, some greedy, some peace loving, smart and cunning. Then I think everyone would play as human, because it just seems more fun and the many ways to play as human.
Elves and Orcs have more variations within their races than you seem to believe. There can be just as many different elves as humans. For example, one elf might hate orcs like none other and do everything he can to defeat them. Another elf living nearby might think the first elf is entirely too aggressive, and that it's better to only deal with the enemies that actually pose a threat. With a little imagination, numerous possibilities exist, including ones that don't fit the standard stereotypes.