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Old 12-06-2010, 12:56 AM
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Default Dynamic Enviroment

Was wondering if there will be major impacts/events on gameplay during the game, so you will have to adjust your playstyle.

Might be better if ill give some examples;
Say there will be a worldwide hunger,- Food will suddenly be more worth than gold and fights will emerge over food wagons & your farms, eventually rowing bands of different races, desperately searching for food atacking all and everybody.
Now There could be 2 or more ways to handle such bands,
1. Simply kill then as they enter your lands,
2. Give them food and maybe receive some new units professions additional peasants

Maybe week of the weeds, everything grows alarmingly fast. Great abundances of food, vicious plants.
A epic campaign where people of different races/kingdoms have to work together quall a mighty army of [insert nonhumanoid race / outherworldlys]

In other words a persistent world, but a dynamic one with surprices & one that forces you to change your playstyle. One where areas you thought explored suddenly reveals new challanges, just to make it more interesting
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